What is a text spinner?

Content is King, as they say.
Having a unique human-readable text is the best way for your products to gain more exposure. It is a feature used to rewrite the description and title of your products before listing them to your target to make it look original compared with other sellers who just copied and pasted everything from the source website. The item description will be rewritten with new words without affecting the meaning.

Why do I need a Text Spinner?

In the drop shipping business, the most important thing is to be original, fresh and unique. Having your content spun, can give you that something extra that will allow your products to stand up in this very crowded community.

Another benefit that you can get from spinning your text, is that you make it hard for your competitors to find the specific source of your items.
This is also an advantage since other drop shippers would have to do it manually while you can do it in few clicks.

How To Use the Text Spinner?

First, you need to purchase your text spin credits from the Rapid Lister page.

1,000 spins costs only $10 or $0.01 per spin.

After purchasing, you are all set and good to go!


Every spin credit is limited to 10,000 characters only. In case of more than 10,000, 2 credits will be used.

Spinner will only rewrite text written in English and works ONLY with US suppliers.

Should you have further questions? Feel free to reach our Chat support team and we'll be more than happy to assist you!
Good luck!

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