1. From which suppliers can I list multi variations?

You can list multi variations from all of the suppliers supported in DSM Tool, except Banggood.
Click here To learn how to list variations.

2. How does variations count in regards of my subscription?

Your plan is limited according to the amount of items DSM Tool lists, reprices and manages for you. Therefore, every variation counts as an individual item that will be deducted from the overall allowance of your plan.
For example:
If you have 50 items left to list in your plan, and you chose to list items with 10 variations, you will be left with 40 items to list.

3. Can I change the name of the variations?

Currently DSM Tool does not support variation name editing, but we're working to enable this option soon.
Currently, variation names will show as they appear or are mentioned on the source site. If the item has the same variant name, duplicated with multiple combinations, a "number" will be added to the name to avoid an error from eBay.

4. Can I choose which variations I'd like to list?

Yes, if you mark the checkbox that says "include all variations". When you import the item into the Rapid Lister all the variations will be loaded to it, where you can simply select/deselect the relevant variations from the checkbox.
Click here to learn more about how to import variations.

5. What happens when a single variation goes out of stock or into settings protection?

When a single variation goes out of stock or into settings protection , its quantity is set to zero; only the variant itself will become unavailable in the listing. The listing itself will not become out of stock.

Learn more about multi variations availability advantage in the DSM Magazine post: Make most of your listings with eBay multi-variations

If a variant is set as out of stock when importing the product onto the Rapid Lister, you can choose to deselect the variant, or edit the price to be able to upload it. Once the variant is back in stock, it will be modified accordingly in your listing.

6. Can I delete/edit specific variations?

Yes. To do so, please refer to the article about how to edit variations

7. How do I add existing listings with variations?

Currently, adding existing variations is supported by adding each variant one by one.
Adding listings with variations via Excel or using the "Find Unmonitored Listings", feature is not yet supported.
Click here to learn more about how to add existing listings with variations.

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