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How does it work?

DSM Tool offers 4 plans, each plan has an amount of overall listing and monitoring limits. The supported suppliers and features varies based on the plan.
The payment will be recurring yearly/monthly upon your choice, deducted from your chosen payment method.
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Managed listings limit

Each plan sets your listing limit in the Price Monitor page of your account and the supported features.
You can publish and end as many listings as you wish on the target website via DSM Tool (Shopify / eBay: US,UK,DE,IT,FR,AU,ES), as long as in the price monitor you don’t exceed the amount of listings in your plan.

How plans limits are used?

  1. Every item you add counts as 1 credit, except variations listings.

  2. Variations in listings count as single credit each.
    for example if a product has 3 variations, 3 credits will be deducted from the plan limit balance.

  3. Inactive listings that exist in the price monitor (usually appears with a green "relist" button in the Price monitor table), counts as part of the credits as well.

  4. Multiple accounts managed and linked under the same subscription have a joined limits.
    For example: if you have 300 items in the main account and 200 in the linked account, this means you've used 500 credits from the overall plan's limits.
    Click here to learn more about Managing multiple accounts.

  5. The credits are deducted from the overall plan limits and are not monthly renewed, unless mentioned otherwise in the plan's features.

Plans and limits in the dashboard

Information about your plan and limit usage in DSM Tool Dashboard are as following:

  1. The plan's title and limit balance.

  2. The total monitored items out of your plan's limit. 

Choosing the right plan

With DSM Tool's FREE plan you can list and monitor up to 25 items for an unlimited time from most of the supported suppliers, in addition to having access to many features.
However, once upgrading to any of our paid plans you'll instantly get an access to more exclusive suppliers to source your items from, and to additional features that are available for paying subscribers only (Pro Features).

While we are constantly adding new suppliers, Visit to learn more which are the supported suppliers.

In addition to the lister and repricer, DSM Tool offers a variety of features to Help Automate your workflow, here are some of them:

Free features:

Examples of Pro features: 

To get the full list of DSM Tool's features, Free and Pro, based on the supported plan, visit or DSM Tool's subscription page

It’s time to upgrade!

When you reach your plan's limits or just looking to use a Pro Feature,
Then it's time to UPGRADE!

In the Subscription page, you can choose your preferred plan, the type of subscription (Yearly/Monthly), and finally clicking on SELECT PLAN.
Once upgraded, your overall amount of limits will change to the upgraded plan limit's amount.

Note: The upgrade process can take up to an hour to go through. 

Extra package Pro Features

Some of the features are not included in all the plans and might require credit purchase or a separate monthly subscription. 

Upgraded? how much you'll pay

When upgrading, DSM Tool uses the left payment balance of your previous plan and will deduct it from the new plan charge amount, and a new payment date will be set to start a new 30 days cycle.
Therefore, if you have upgraded your plan before the end of your 30 days cycle, you will be charged partially. 

For example: if you have 15 days left for the Basic plan (monthly payment 24.97$), the remaining balance will be 12.5$ approximately, therefore the payment for the Business plan will be 79.97-12.5$. 

If an Error occurs on changing subscription terms, please read this article

Downgrading? how does it work

If the remaining balance of the current plan covers the new plan payment, you will not be charged, and conversely if the balance did not cover the payment, you will be partially charged.

To downgrade your plan, simply click on the SELECT PLAN button that appears under the chosen plan.

If you have decided to downgrade to the Free Plan, make sure to keep up to 25 listings in your price monitor, which is the amount of listings allowed in a free plan.
If the amount of listings still exceed the free plan limit, an email will be sent to you as an reminder to remove the listings. if within 14 days the amount of listings still exceeded the limit, then listings will be randomly removed from price monitor to stay within the limit.

Supported payment methods

DSM Tool uses a highly secured, third-party system to process payments. The payment options are dependent on the payment methods that are accepted in your country and in the country of incorporation of the DSM Tool company. The most common payment methods for DSM users, are PayPal and credit card.

Debit card holders can simply add the card to PayPal and that way you can pay with your debit card through PayPal.

Changing your payment method

The best way to perform a payment method change, is by contacting DSM customer support. The DSM team will cancel your current active plan and downgrade you to a Free account, that way you will be able to upgrade again using a new payment method.

Sadly decided to Cancel? 

In DSM Tool we give our users a complete control over their account, including a possibility to cancel the subscription at any time.
If you have decided to cancel your subscription please Contact DSM Customer support team to further assist you, by clicking on blue dot the appears at the bottom right of each page:

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