Installing DSM Tool on your eBay store is 100% safe. Basically, it is just like installing a new app on your phone. DSM Tool is an eBay compatible app that is officially verified by eBay.

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After reading this article you will know:

  1. How to sign up to DSM Tool

  2. How to connect your eBay store

  3. How to set up the most basic settings for your account to function correctly


Go to the sign up page, fill up your details and click Sign Up

Make sure you click on the "I'm not a robot" button before clicking on the signup button, otherwise you might encounter an error.

 Once you register, an email with verification button will be sent to your email address.

Didn't receive the confirmation email?

If you didn't receive the confirmation email, go back to the log in page and click on the "Click here" button. The email will be re-sent to you


On your first login, an account setup wizard will be availalbe to help you set up your account properly. 

Step 1: Connect your eBay store

It is 100% safe to connect your eBay store to DSM Tool. If you wish to connect a Shopify store please refer to the guide for Shopify

Each DSM account can only be connected to one eBay store. You can sell on multiple eBay accounts or on both eBay and Shopify by linking multiple DSM accounts.

If you have one eBay store but sell in different regions (,,, etc.), each location is considered as a different store and must be connected to a different DSM account. While is it technically possible on eBay and DSM Tool is able to list items to different regions using the same account and same eBay store, we recommend using multiple eBay stores and multiple DSM Tool accounts for selling in different regions.

To connect the account, select eBay

DSM Tool does not keep a record of your eBay username or password. Instead, you are being redirected to the login page to log in and provide the DSM Tool app a limited access to your account

We will never ask you for your user name or password, not via email nor via the 24/7 customer support on the website.

After logging in, you need to grant limited access to DSM Tool, click Agree.


Setting up your account for the first time should not take more than 5 minutes, read this guide carefully and learn how to get it done the right way.

Once your eBay store is connected there are a few parameters you are required to fill up 

PayPal account

Adding your PayPal account email address does not charge your PayPal account. It is necessary for your settings on eBay: when you add a new product to your store using the Rapid Lister, eBay requires an email of a PayPal account that will be used to receive payments.  

Break Even & Profit Percentage

How much money do is left in your pocket when you buy a product for $10 and sell it for $20? If you sell on eBay and use Paypal you will only see around $17.4 in your Paypal balance. The break-even settings can help you make sure you will always stay profitable.

Break-even is the % from the selling price you pay in fees when selling your products. It is usually the eBay selling fees (around 9-11% of your selling price), Paypal selling fees (around 3-4% of your selling price) and in some cases a tax for purchasing the product from your supplier.

Profit percentage is your profit margin, the profit margin is in many cases depended on your strategy as a seller, read the eBay dropshipping profit margin strategy guide to learn more about it

Regional settings

DSM Tool is set by default to publish items to and present the currency USD. You can set a different currency and a different default eBay site.

When you set a different default eBay site you also change the currency that will be selected when listing new products to your store from international websites like AliExpress. For example, if you import products from Ali Express to the price of the products will get scanned in EUR and not in USD.

Other settings

From time to time we change the other settings we suggest you to set up already when opening a new account.

The Re-Sales Protector for example is a feature that allows you to sell a larger variety of products on eBay without reaching the eBay selling limits. If you use it, you can set the quantity of items in your inventory to as low as 1 item only, and once you sold an item DSM Tool will automatically re-stock it for you, as long as it is still available at your supplier, of course.

You can also set the option to enable or disable the restocking feature
Once done, click NEXT.

Terms and conditions

To complete your account setup, please read and approve the terms and conditions for using DSM Tool. The privacy policy is also available through this link


After you finish setting your account you should already be able to add products to your store. In order to make your experience easier and better for the long run, there are still some recommended settings to set up such as eBay business policies and the DSM templates.

We recommend following step-by-step the guide How to Add the Very First Item to Your Store.

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