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Adding Products to Your Store (Rapid Lister)
eBay - Listing the very first product on your store
eBay - Listing the very first product on your store
This article will help you make sure you publish the first ever product on your eBay dropshipping store the proper way!
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DSM Tool is making the dropshipping process so much easier. Once it is properly set up, you can add completely optimized products to your store quickly using the Rapid Lister.

Before you start: make sure you complete the 5-steps initial configuration checklist. Clear about 2-4 hours from your schedule and go over the checklist, it might seem like a long time but actually setting up your eBay dropshipping business properly before you start adding profitable products to your store is recommended to avoid getting in trouble later on.

If you want to follow a step-by-step guide from getting started all the way to making your first profitable sale consider joining the video training program of DSM Tool

In this article, you will learn

  1. How to add the first product to your store

  2. Common errors for first time sellers and how to solve them

- Adding a Product to Your Store -

Stage 1: Import the product details

The process of adding the products to your store starts with finding what to sell on eBay and of course setting up your account correctly, as explained above in this article.

The best way to add products to your store is by installing the DSM Auto Paste Chrome extension. Once you install the DSM Tool cart icon will appear at the top right part of your Chrome browser.

You can click on the icon and the Chrome Extension will expand and offer you its features

Did you know? You don't actually have to use the chrome extension to import products to DSM Tool, but it is highly recommended because statistics show that the import process is faster and more reliable when using the Chrome extension!

Now that you have it installed, locate the product you wish to add to your store on the website you are sourcing it from. In this example, I am going to import a product from to my store (but you can choose any of the 50+ websites we support importing products from).

Once you locate the product on the source website, click on the "List in DSM" button and the Chrome extension will start the import process.

Your product is almost imported, all that is left is to make sure the import settings are correct and then click Import

Optimize and Publish!

In the next screen, you can edit and optimize the details of the product: title, images, product specs, product description, and its price!

You should know: Since this is the first time you are adding a product to your store, you might still encounter some errors. But don't worry! We got you covered, below you will find the most common errors when listing your first item.

Got an error that isn't on the list? Contact our support team, we're here to help you get started!

- Common Errors when Importing First Listings -

Some errors might appear upon importing your first ever listing using a third party software like DSM Tool. The reason for most of the issues is usually the connection between DSM and eBay that hasn't been established yet. 

Below you will find the most common errors and how to deal with them:

Error: Cross Border Trade Agreement

This goes especially for newly created eBay accounts. It can be solved by accepting the International Selling Agreement on eBay.

Error: eBay Seller's Account

For newly created eBay accounts, you might need to create a seller's account.

If you do have a seller's account set up, you will have to first publish a product manually on eBay and then sync the product to DSM Tool manually. 

Steps to publish your first product manually and then adding it to DSM Tool:

Step 1: On eBay click on the "Sell" button and follow the instructions. Adding a product manually to eBay is pretty simple and you can simply copy the information from the DSM Tool rapid lister and paste it on eBay.
Note: Make sure you set the inventory (quantity) to 1

Step 2: Go to the DSM Price Monitor page and click on the "Add existing listings" button at the bottom of the page. 

Add the eBay listing ID (you can locate it in the the URL link address when you view your product on eBay) and the full URL link address of the product on the source website and click "Add Item"

Error: Business Policies

This error show up when your eBay Business policies are not set up correctly. This is common with newly created eBay accounts, and when users do not Opt In to Business policies.

If you have already created your business policies, validate the following details to ensure they are set up correctly:

  • Payment Policy - Make sure you enter a valid PayPal email address

  • Shipping Policy -Make sure you set up shipping fee as Flat Same Cost to All Buyers. DSM Tool does not support at the moment any of the other options for shipping calculation. Actually, we highly advise to use free shipping as the DSM Tool Rapid Lister includes the shipping rate as part of the product cost of the products when calculating the final price.

  • Return Policy - Make sure you indicate all of the required fields in your returns policy.

Important to know: every time you make changes on eBay to your business policies you must update the changes to DSM Tool as well

Error: Postal Code Invalid

This error shows when your shipping policy is not set as Flat Same Cost.

To fix this error, simply go to your shipping policy and change the shipping fee to Flat same cost to all buyers.

Important to know: every time you make changes on eBay to your business policies you must update the changes to DSM Tool as well

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