Uploading listings to eBay using DSMTool makes drop shipping a lot easier.
With only few clicks, your listing is ready for publish.

How do you import your listings?

To import listings in DSM, simply copy the URL from the source website

 and paste it in the Rapid Lister.

 Then click Import to proceed.

- DSM Supported Suppliers -

Here are the supported suppliers in DSM where you can source your listings:

Make sure that all the listings you import will come from the above suppliers, else an error will pop up on your screen

The list of supported suppliers arranged by country can be found in the DSM Home Page.

- eBay Business Policies -

Importing listing using DSM requires you to have your eBay Business Policies set up
This goes for new and existing eBay sellers.
You MUST have your:

  • Payment Policy
  • Shipping Policy
  • Returns Policy

If you already set up your business policies on eBay, you need to sync them with DSM. Click on the link to learn how to properly sync your eBay business policies in DSM.

- Importing Listings Using The Chrome Extension -

An easy way to import your listings from the supplier page to DSM is by using the DSM Chrome Extension. Wherein you will see a LIST IN DSM button from the product page and will direct you to the Rapid Lister.

This feature can also be used in Bulk Listing if you want to upload multiple listings at the same time.

Click the link to learn how to use the DSM Chrome extension

- Listing with Variations -

You can import products with size, color and style options here in DSMTool.
In the Rapid Lister, after pasting the source URL, there's a small checkbox below the link field.

When it is checked, it will automatically import all the available variants on the listings.

- Common Errors when Importing First Listings -

There can be some small errors upon importing your first ever listing in DSM. This is mainly because the connection between DSM and eBay hasn't been established yet. Here are some common errors:

Cross Border Trade Agreement

This goes especially for newly created eBay accounts. It can be solved by simply accepting the International Selling Agreement on eBay.

eBay Seller's Account

For newly created eBay accounts, you might not have your sellers account.
Click on the link to know how to create your eBay seller's account.

For existing sellers importing first listing in DSM, publish your first listing directly on eBay, set the quantity to 1 and then go back to DSM price monitor page and click Add existing listings so you can import it to DSM

Business Policies

This error will show when eBay Business policies are not set up yet. This is common with newly created eBay accounts, as users need to Opt In to Business policies.

  • Payment Policy - you need to enter your valid PayPal email address
  • Shipping Policy - your shipping fee should be Flat Same Cost to All Buyers
  • Return Policy - you need to indicate the time frame and conditions for accepting returns

Postal Code Invalid

This error shows when your shipping policy is not set as Flat Same Cost.

To fix this error, simply go to your shipping policy and change the shipping fee to Flat same cost to all buyers.

After changing it, make sure you refresh the policy in DSM to update it..

Once you have resolved all these errors, you have nothing to worry on your next listings, everything will be imported easily.

If you have further questions and concerns about importing your listings in DSM, feel free to reach our chat support team and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

Good luck!

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