It is important to optimize your title with keywords to make it very easy for buyers to find them. This is one good thing to do in order to make good sales and rank up your eBay rating.

- Editing Title - 

Before you publish a listing, you can edit the title you want to show on eBay.
This is the part were you can see and edit the title of your listing:

eBay allows up to 80 characters for title. And sometimes, titles from the source includes unusual characters such as parentheses ( ), brackets { } or [ ]. You can remove them by clicking the scissor button.

By removing those unusual characters, you will be able to add more keywords on your title.

- Suggested Keywords - 

DSM also shows some suggested keywords based from competitors' title.

You can use these keywords and add to your title. Just click on the keyword and it will be added on the title.

Note: The suggested words will only appear if there are competitors shown for the specific listing.

- eBay Suggestion Search Box -

Another way of improving your title is by searching keywords using the eBay Suggestion Search Box.
It works by typing in a keyword or the product you are trying to import then press Enter to start searching for the best keywords on eBay for the specific listing.

After searching, you can now copy the suggested words on your title.

Note: This is a Pro Feature which is available for paid plans only. 

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Good luck!

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