Bulk listing and Importing Existing Listings from eBay to DSM can take a while depending on how many listings you are trying to import. All imported listings can be found in the queue page.

Here you can see the listings that have been successfully published on eBay, those that are still pending and those that failed due to errors.

This article will teach you the parts of the queue page so you know how to work with it.

- Parts of the Queue Page -

Import Progress

This can be found at the top of the queue, it shows the percentage of the import progress based on the total number of listings.

Number of listings per Page

This allows you to set the number of listings shown on one page. This helps when you import more than 20 listings.

Filter List

This button allows you to apply filter on the queue. For example, you only want to see the listings under pending, or those that has error.

Type of Listing

This shows if the listing you are importing is New or and Existing listing from eBay.

Source ID #

This is where you see the ASIN or the Source ID number of the listing you are importing.


Under this column are the title of the listings being imported.


This column shows from what source website the listings being imported came from. Example, amazon.com or walmart.com.

Destination (Dest.)

This is the target website. Example: eBay.com , eBay.co.uk or Shopify.com. 

Target Item Number (Dest. Item)

Once successfully published, this column will show the target item number.

Target Quantity

This column shows the quantity you set for the listings being imported


This shows the profit set on each listings.


Shows whether the listings have been successfully published, still pending or failed due to errors.

Error List

If the listing failed due to error, it will show "has error" under the Status column and under the Error List column, you will see the error message.

Created At

This shows the time of creation or the time and date when you started importing the listings in the queue.

Time to List

This shows whether you publish the listings NOW or if you chose Scheduled listings, it will show the time and date you set.


Under this column, you will have the option to edit the title, the source and target website, the profit and quantity of a specific listing in the queue by clicking on the Blue pen button.

Then it shows the edit page.

You can also delete a specific listing in the queue by clicking the Trash button.

After importing a group of listings, you can add more listings to the queue by click on Import More Listings button. It is found at the bottom left hand of the queue page.

This works for importing Existing Listings to DSM.

You can also export all the listings in the queue into an CSV/Excel File.

Click on the link to learn more on how to export your listings.

For further questions and concerns, feel free to contact our chat support team. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Good luck!

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