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Learn how Messages Center in DSM Tool works
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Customer service is important in order to give the buyers a feeling of confidant and transparency. Moreover, marketplaces such as ebay rate sellers by several parameters, customer service is one of them.
To gain the trust of your buyers and comply with eBay's expectations, we've created the messages Center, continue reading to learn more how it works...

In order for you not to go back and forth between eBay and DSM, We've created a once stop shop platform, the Message Center ican be accessed inside the DSM platform by clicking the envelope button at the top of DSM page.

You can see all the messages you receive from eBay, from your buyers, and even the messages you send to your buyers.

Click on the Envelope button to see your recent messages. It will show a drop-down list of the messages you received showing the sender's name and the date and time when you received the message.

To open the Message Center page, click on see all messages.

This will open the inbox page. The page is set to show 20 messages per page.

You can also filter the page by “read” and “unread” by clicking on the drop down filter menu.

If you click on one message, you will see the messages you sent below the reply field. This also shows the thread if your customer replies.

Product Details

At the right side of the page shows the product details. It shows the eBay listing at the top, together with the date sold, price and the tracking information. Below the eBay details, it shows the details from the source, including source id and price.

You can also see 3 buttons below the Details on Target section:

These buttons allows you to view the listings in 3 different pages:

  • Sales & Profits - opens the Order in the Sales & Orders page.

  • Monitor Page - opens the listing in the Price Monitor page.

  • eBay - opens your product page on eBay.

- Sending Messages in DSM -

You can compose your message by just typing your message in the text box and once you’re done, click “Reply” button to send it.

In DSM, there is a feature called Auto Message.This feature automatically sends a message to your buyers after the order had been made. Once the tracking number had been added and 7 days after, it requests for a feedback.

To learn more about the Auto Messaging feature, click on the link.

- Saved Replies -

You can create your own canned response to easily reply to your customers.
Click on "Create" button.

Then a template page pops up. Enter the title you want to have on the canned response, and the message body. Once done, click Save.

You can also apply the tags so the title of the listing, your name and your buyers’ name will be auto filled.

You can create as many canned response you want. And once you have created them, you can find the list by clicking the “Reply from Template” button and it will show the drop down list of your canned responses.

Just click on the message you wish to use from the list and it will auto populate the reply field.

Once done, you just have to click on “Reply” button and it will be sent to your customer.

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