Sometimes suppliers assign names for the variations by numbers rather than actual names. In order for your potential buyers to easily identify which variant they are checking it is best to modify the variations names accordingly.
Together with changing the main image for your variations in order to stand out.

In this article, you will learn:

- Changing the Variation Name -

To edit the variation name, after importing the listing to the Rapid Lister, scroll down to the Variations section

Click on the pen button beside the variation name to change it..

The edit box will then appear.
Type your preferred Variation name in the text box and click anywhere to save it.

- Changing Variation Image in Rapid Lister -

To change the variation image, after importing the listing to the Rapid Lister -

1. Scroll down to the variations section
2. Click on the image at the right side to change it

Then a pop-up window appears for you to choose the image you want to display for the variation.

3. Click on the image you want to set as the display image for the variation in the target site.
You also have the option to show the same image for all variations, by marking the checkbox below:

4. After selecting your preferred image, click on Change button to save it.

Your chosen image will be displayed in the target website once the specific variation is selected.

- Add New Image for Variation -

If you want to make the images more personalized, you have the option to upload an image for your variations.

Below the “Choose an image” window, click on the Add Image button.

The add image window will appear.

There are 2 ways to add new images:

  • From your computer
  • From a web page

From the Computer

Under the My Files tab

Simply drag the image inside the box OR click on Browse button

Choose the image file from your computer then click Open

Then click on Upload.

From a Web Page

To import an image from a Web Page,
Right-click on the image from the web page and choose Copy Image Address

Under the Web Address tab, paste the image URL on the text field then click Upload.

- Use Photo Collage for Variation Image -

Photo Collage is an additional way to stand out from your competitors and show uniqueness. This option enables you to show multiple pictures within the same image.

To add a photo collage, click on the Add Collage button.

Click on this link to learn how to use Photo Collage.

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