Why can't you list items that don't offer free shiping
Actually, you can. But by default this setting is disabled, in this article you will learn how to enable it
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Shipping fee is usually added to the supplier's price of the listings. But for some suppliers, shipping fee is detected, therefore not added automatically which can often lead to sales loss.

To avoid this from happening, and to give you full control over your listings with DSM Tool supporting over 45 suppliers, we have added an option to give you the choice of listing items with paid shipping, especially for suppliers that DSM don't yet support including their shipping fee to the price.

What is the new General shipping button

The new filter for listings with shipping fee can be found in the Monitor Settings tab.

When this option is Enabled, you will be able to import all listings with or without shipping fee.

NOTE: When Enabled, shipping fee will not be included in the price for the sources that do not charge flat rate shipping fee.

On the other hand, if it’s Disabled, you can only sell products that are FREE SHIPPING and items from the suppliers that we have added for them the flat rate shipping fee.
Therefore, if the supplier has a specific setting in the monitor tab, the general paid shipping setting will be disregarded.
These sources can be found in the monitor settings tab, in the dropdown list below:

For example:
If Aliexpress is set to include ePacket shipping service, you will be allowed to list the item and ePacket shipping fee will be included in the price. 

Implications on new listings

If the listing is NOT FREE SHIPPING, it will show an error “Out of Prime” in the Rapid Lister.

Implications on existing listings

Once the option is disabled, all the listings with shipping fee will be placed under user settings protection (Orange Lock).

For questions and concerns regarding this topic, feel free to reach our chat support team and we’ll be more than happy to assist you!

Good luck!

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