Now that DSM supports Shopify as target website, this article will show you how to upload your listings to your Shopify store using DSMTool.

Uploading listings to Shopify in DSM is almost the same as what we usually do with eBay.

- Single Lister -

To upload your listings using Single lister,

First is to copy the item URL from the source website, and then paste it in the Rapid lister.

Then click on Import button.

On the next page is where you edit the Title, Price, Profit, etc. just like listing on eBay.
But for Shopify, there are some different things needed to be filled out.

  • Product Type - is the category for the product that you can use to organize products. Examples of product types would be things like shirt, pants, or accessories. 
  • Product Tags - are searchable keywords associated with your product, and you can use as many tags on a product as you want. Tags can help customers to easily find your product through online store search.
  • Selected Product Collection - is the wider and more general category for the product that you can use to organize products. Example: Your product type is "Jeans", it can fall to "Bottoms" collection.

After setting up the basic details of the product, next will be the Product settings which includes the Package Dimensions which is often auto filled.

Web Content shows the product details that will be shown in your Shopify store after publishing.

After completing everything, click Publish Now.
If there are no errors, this will be shown on your screen which means the product is ready to be published on Shopify.

- Bulk Lister -

Bulk listing on Shopify is the same as with eBay.
You need to enter the ASIN or Source IDs in the Bulk Lister separated by "comma".

Below it is where you can set the default profit %, quantity, and the options to generate photo collage and auto filling of item specifics

After setting up everything, click on Import Items.
It will start the import process. Once completed, click Continue.

On the next page, you can edit the title of the listings, see the price and edit the description.

At the right side, you can see 2 buttons:

  • Green eye button - it is where you can view and edit the item description.
  • Red trash button - is for you to delete a listing from from the bulk.

After everything has been set, click on Publish Now.
Items will be published. You can monitor the process by checking the queue page.

After following these article, you are now ready to publish your listings to your Shopify store.
Good luck!

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