DSM has now added an option for you to edit the variation values in the Rapid Lister before you publish the listings to eBay.

This option will allow you to edit the quantity, eBay price, break even % and desired profit % all at once.

- How to Bulk Edit Variations -

After importing the item link in the Rapid Lister, scroll down to the variations section.

To learn how to edit variation name and images, click here.

To edit the variations, select the variations you want to edit by clicking on the checkbox at the left side of the variant name

or select all by clicking the checkbox beside Variant column.

Then click on Edit values button.

Now you will see the boxes where you can put your desired values for quantity, eBay price, break even % and desired profit %.

Enter your desired value in the boxes.

After that, click on Apply button to save all changes. And the values will change.

Editing variations is now made easier.
Feel free to reach our Chat support team if you have other concerns regarding this topic.

Good luck!

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