DSM supports suppliers from different countries and each of them have different shipping terms.
So in order to make it easier for users to import listings in DSM, we have added an option to set your eBay business policies for each supplier.

It will allow you to assign any of your ebay business policies for a specific supplier. 

Business policies can be set in DSM by going to the Lister Settings page.
Learn more about Changing and Syncing Business policies.

- How to Set Up Business Policies Per Supplier -

Under the Lister Settings, scroll down to the Business policies section.

Click on the Add ( + ) button and it will show you this fields

  • Source -  it is a drop-down menu to select the specific source for the policy you are creating

Then you just have to select the necessary set of business policies you want to use for that specific supplier.

Once you have selected all the business policies, click on Create button to save it.

You can do this for every source so every time you import listings for a specific source, the business policies you set for it will be applied automatically and you don't need to change it from time to time.

Isn't that made really easy? Rather than changing shipping policy if a supplier needs a different shipping method, you now import right away since they're already saved before hand.

Please note:
If you choose not to set policy for a specific supplier, that's completely fine, DSM will just choose your default general policies you have set for all the suppliers.

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