Selling from different suppliers in DSM Tool may require you to set a default item location. Mainly because each supplier has different warehouse locations or distribution centers.

If you want to use just one default location, you can just follow this guide to set a default location for all suppliers.

Some suppliers are from within the US like Amazon, Walmart, etc., while others are from China such as Aliexpress, Chinabrands, etc. And eBay want sellers to indicate the accurate item location for the products you sell.

Having that said, DSM has now created a way for you to easily set a default item location for each supplier you work with. DSM will automatically set the item location when you import a lisitng based on the item location you set in your account.

This article will show you the steps to do it.

- Setting Item Location per Source -

Step 1

Open Settings.

Step 2
Click Lister Settings.

Step 3
Click on Item location for a specific source.

Step 4
The Add/Edit item location window will pop up. There are 2 fields, the Supplier Name and the Location.

Step 5
On the drop-down menu, select the Supplier you wanted to set the default location.

Then enter the State/City/Country in the location field.

Step 6
Click Add/Edit button to save it.

After saving it, you can do it to each supplier you use the most. And all the ones you saved will be shown on the Lister Settings page.

Now these Item locations will automatically be used when you import your next listings from the suppliers you have set.

We hope that this article helps you to easily work with different suppliers moving forward.
Feel free to reach our Chat support team if you have questions or concerns regarding this topic.
Good Luck!

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