Most sellers use pricing strategy to get the attention of buyers and get good sales as a result.
The most common strategy is "Psychological Pricing" wherein final price are rounded up to a specific amount which is known to be easier for buyers to understand and read, and therefore they are more likely to purchase that prouct.

For example:
If price is 10.05, final price will be rounded up to 10.97

- How to Set Round Up Pricing in DSM Tool? -

Step 1

Open the Lister settings page

Step 2

Enable Price Round Up Strategy

Step 3

Select your preferred round up price. You can select to the Nearest dollar or from .10 to .99.

Step 4

After selecting your preferred strategy, scroll all the way down and click Update to save it.

Now that you have set your pricing strategy, the price of the next listings you will import will be rounded up based on your settings.

Here's how it looks BEFORE setting up the Round up Strategy:

See the final eBay price is $23.22.

Now here's how it looks AFTER setting up the Round up Strategy:

The final price will be rounded up depending on what you choose in the settings, here I chose .99.

We hope this can help you attract more viewers, watchers and most especially buyers.

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