It is so damn frustrating! Right? If there is one thing we don't like to see that a DSM Tool customer is getting is an error, your work should be as flawless as possible when you're dropshipping, so you could focus on what really matters: growing your online business.

Many of the errors we encounter comes from issues that are related to your eBay account, this article is meant to help you solve these issues by yourself

-eBay Error: The email address you entered isn't linked to a PayPal account-

The full message you would see in the Rapid Lister is: ""The email address you entered isn't linked to a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, you'll need to set one up with this email address so that buyers can pay you."

How to solve it

We suggest to verify that the PayPal account details you are using for selling on eBay is entered correctly, on ebay and in the DSM Tool settings. Here are 3 places you should check:

  1. Check the Paypal email address under financial information

  2. Check your payment policy under business policies

  3. Check your Paypal email address under the general settings in DSM Tool

-eBay Error: Input data for tag is invalid or missing. Please check API documentation-

This error message means that the store category that was chosen automatically by the Rapid Lister for this listing has further subcategories beneath it.

As with eBay categories, you would need to narrow the store category selection down to a store category that doesn't have any further subcategories. You can change the category either by selecting a different category from the selected category list in the Rapid Lister, or by entering a Category ID.

If you tried to change the category and you are still getting the error notification, especially you already have products monitored by DSM Tool in the store you are adding products to, then this might be a bug on the DSM Tool software side. Our tech team would have to look into it so please submit a support ticket at the bottom right corner of the website if that happens.

-eBay Error: This listing would cause you to exceed the amount you can list-

If you are getting this error notification, you are probably a new seller. New eBay sellers need to establish a positive selling history and show that they are able to meet the needs of their customers, therefore eBay is limiting new accounts by how many products they can sell and in what total sales volume.  

eBay reviews your account on every 20th of the month and adjusts the limits automatically based on your sales volume and the feedback you've received from buyers.

Many dropshippers choose not to wait to the eBay review and either call eBay's seller support or submits an eBay seller limit increase request.

-eBay Error: You will be unable to complete this request until payment is made or a credit card is put on file for automatic monthly billing-

When you create a seller account, you need to add a payment method that will clear any eBay fees or charges (for example: insertion and selling fees). 

Set up an automatic payment method on eBay following the steps in this article

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