When you start dropshipping the less work you have to do by yourself, the more time you have to invest in what's really important - growing your business.

This article will take you step by step through the setup of some of the most interesting automation features that DSM Tool has to offer on top of it's most commonly used features:

  1. The auto-messages

  2. The DSM Chrome extension

  3. Pricing strategy for dynamic pricing

  4. The schedule button

  5. The dashboard alerts

  6. The price roundup

  7. The affiliate program

  8. Managing multiply accounts

Generate positive feedback automatically

One of the keys of growing as a seller on eBay, or any other eCommerce marketplace, is to generate positive feedback from buyers. Every time you sell a product the buyer has the opportunity to leave you feedback which is either positive, negative, or neutral.

To increase the rate of positive feedback, DSM Tool offers a 4-stages messages automation feature that takes the following actions:

  1. Thank you message - a message that is sent immediately after the purchase to thank the buyer and inform him that the order will be processed as soon as possible

  2. Positive feedback - On eBay sellers can leave positive feedback to their buyers as well, positive feedback will automatically be sent to your buyer

  3. Tracking update - As soon as the tracking information for the package is updated in the Sales & Orders page, a message will be sent to the buyer to inform him of the tracking details

  4. Follow up - 30 days after the initial message, a follow-up message will be sent to the buyer asking him about his satisfaction with the product, together with a request and a direct link to leave you positive feedback

Setup the auto messages and customize them so that your store will have its own unique automated messages in the Sales & Orders settings

The Chrome extension for dropshipping

The Chrome extension of DSM Tool is built to assist you outside the DSM Tool platform, you can install it directly from the Google Chrome Web Store and use it to perform the following actions:

  1. Add products to your store quickly using the List in DSM button

  2. Automatically copy and paste the buyer address when you process an order for a something you sold on eBay

  3. Automatically copy and paste the tracking information to update eBay with a valid tracking info

Use dynamic pricing to win the competition

When you start selling a product on eBay you set it to some profit margin based on your market research. But prices on marketplaces like eBay changes over time and might drop.

For example, if you list a product with a 50% profit margin other dropshipping sellers might find it to be a good opportunity as well and as the competition will increase its price will drop and you will become less competitive than others.

By setting up pricing automation rules your profit margin becomes dynamic - if the product doesn't sell, the price goes down, and vice versa.

Setup the pricing strategy feature in the Sales & Orders page

The schedule button

This feature is actually not something you need to install, but we wanted to give you an awesome tip that will help you later on. It's based on one of the concepts of eBay SEO which is that it is recommended to list products to your store on a daily basis.

You can optimize your time by finding profitable products once a week and then optimizing them using the Rapid Lister. When you finish with the pre-publish optimizations schedule them to be published during the rest of the week using the Schedule function.

Automate your performance optimization

Maintaining the performance of your store comes with benefits:

  1. Increased sale through rate - The sale-through rate is a metric used to analyze the performance of stores on eBay. It is the number of sales the store made in the past 30 days divided by the number of products the store offer for sale.
    By removing from the store products that under-perform you increase your sale-through rate and you count as a higher-ranked seller in the eyes of the eBay search engine

  2. Reduced expenses - Every new eBay store comes with 200 zero-insertion fees credits that renew every 30 days and allow you to add 200 listings per month to your store for free. Active listings are using the credits as well, therefore under-performing listings waste these expensive credits and should be removed from your store

You can automate the performance optimization process using the dashboard alerts

Set up alerts for under-performing listings in the Dashboard Settings.

For example: show an alert for products that did not gain at least 10 views within 14 days and remove these products from your store every time you see the alert in the dashboard

Set up alerts for items with no sales or items that made sales but last sold a while ago, and consider removing these as well.

You can also look for a cheaper supplier on Ali Express (or whatever website you source products from) and reduce the price by replacing the source ID of the product as the last step before removing it completely from the store.

Consumer psychology using price roundup

"Shoppers are more likely to buy a product for $4.99 than an identical one for $5" according to LiveScience. By enabling the price roundup feature you make sure to take the benefit of this psychological phenomenon.

Setup the roundup price rules in the Lister Settings

Make more money purely from your knowledge

The DSM Tool affiliate program was established on the ground belief that we will forever prefer to invest our marketing budget in paying you over paying Google or Facebook on advertising.

Since the DSM Tool affiliate program pay you 25% of the monthly subscription of anyone that goes through your affiliate link you can generate further income for your business by talking about what you are already doing anyway

Here are 5 ways to share your links, generate signups and start making money from the affiliate program:

  1. Share the link with someone you think should start a business online and offer them help

  2. Participate in discussions on Facebook groups that are focused on dropshipping and share the link there or even start your own group and offer people help getting started, and there share the link with them

  3. Create a YouTube channel and share a video about how you started dropshipping on eBay, add your affiliate link in the video description

  4. Create your own blog on a platform like Medium, Blogger, or WordPress and document how easily it was for you to get started, then share a link to your blog post in relevant places. For example Facebook groups about starting a business, local WhatsApp groups in your area for businesses, etc.

  5. Answer questions on Quora.com or Reddit that are related to eBay dropshipping and when you mention the dropshipping software you use add your affiliate link to DSM Tool

Managing Multiple Accounts

If you have many eBay accounts/Shopify stores and desire to manage them easily this PRO feature is exactly what you need!

It’s worth mentioning that you can have 1 eBay account and 1 Shopify store as well.

How does it work?

  • Need to create few accounts on DSMTool platform

  • It´s possible to connect only 1 store to 1 DSM account

  • Upgrade one one the accounts and that´s it!

Since then you are able to link DSM accounts under 1 plan and share it's limit

Steps for linking accounts :
1 - you create few DSM accounts
2 - connect all your stores ( 1 store to 1 account)
3 - link DSM accounts from your MAIN account that has a paid plan
(you will find this option in the “Account” section in the settings)

4 - share one plan and all the benefits

Please pay attention:

  • You share the limit of your main account between all your accounts
    you do not get the same amount of listings offered by your plan to every account
    so in total you have as many listings as your plan gives

  • There is no need to have a paid plan in a linked account,
    but it has to be a paid plan on your main account in order to use this PRO-feature

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