One of the things we like to do in DSM Tool is finding mutual benefits for the dropshipping community and for us as a company. This is exactly why we send a 100% discount coupon to this course for free to anyone that starts a free trial (if you didn’t get it, contact the chat support and we’ll send you the coupon).

In one of our company meetings, an idea came up: why don’t we create a challenge for our customers, in which they will have to create value for the online entrepreneurship community. In return, we’ll give those who completed the challenge a gift.

So we came up with the following concept:

  1. You choose one of two gifts: any one of the templates from the templates page or using for one month the dynamic template for free.

  2. In return, you have to share valuable knowledge with the online entrepreneurship community.

This is more than just a way to get a gift, it’s also a way to incentivize you to learn about new things and understand them to the level that you could explain them to others.

What do we expect you to share?

It can be anything. There are so many things you can share that the community can benefit from. Here are some ideas:

  • Tell the story of your journey so far (Why and when did you start? What is your current situation?)

  • Share a statistic you’ve found in one of the DSM blog articles

  • Share a tip you’ve learned from the DSM Tool course (make sure to mention that it’s actually free when you signup to the website)

  • Share a link to a free guide, like this one

For example, if you are dropshipping on eBay you can post an explanation how you found out about it, why you chose it over Shopify dropshipping and add a link to the guide that explains how to get started with it as well.

Where can you share it?

Any community of online entrepreneurship including: Facebook groups you are a member of, Subreddits, forums, whatsapp or telegram groups and basically anywhere you meet with people to discuss your journey of becoming an online entrepreneur.

Use it as an opportunity to join new groups you didn’t know about before so you could stay on top of the ongoing discussions.

In the example below I created this reddit post to explain the difference between eBay dropshipping, Shopify dropshipping and Amazon FBA.

Your post can be shorter or longer, I personally like to write long posts with tons of valuable information because I like to see them getting upvoted.

Tip: Since you are already sharing tips and stories, you can take advantage of the DSM Tool affiliate program and use your personal link that will generate you commission profit from people that signup through your link.

You can see your personal link in this page

How to claim your gift?

When you post the advice, take a screenshot of the tip you shared and send it to our chat support which you can find at the bottom right corner of the screen when you login to DSM Tool. Our team knows about this challenge and will happily give you the gift of your choice.

Challenge accepted?

We could have spent more money on advertising and then used aggressive sales tactics to sell you what we’re giving away for free here.

But we believe that organic growth using the power of the community will always win even the best of the paid campaigns.

And we love fun challenges with prizes, who doesn’t?

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