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How can I pay my teacher online with Duet?
How can I pay my teacher online with Duet?

If your teacher accepts online payments with Duet, here is how you can take advantage of this convenience.

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The easiest way to pay your teacher online is to click the link at the bottom of your invoice that says, "Click here to pay for this invoice." If you are looking for an alternative through your teacher's website (especially if you want to set up an automatic payment), then here are the steps to follow:

1 -- Log into your teacher's website with the username and password you have set up.

2 -- Select Pay Now on the right side where it says Pay Teacher.

3 -- On the Online Payment page, you can select to pay a Single Payment via Paypal, set up a Recurring Payment via Paypal or make a single payment or set up auto billing by Credit Card.

The advantage of a recurring payment is that you don't have to worry about forgetting a payment. If you, and your teacher are using PayPal, this authorizes PayPal to automatically send money from your account to your teacher every month on the same date. This option is for the same amount only every month. This can be canceled at any time by the authorized Parent/Student.

If your teacher uses credit card payments through, then this option is single payments only through the pay now link on invoices.

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