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How Do I Create and Use Make-up Lesson Credits in Duet?
How Do I Create and Use Make-up Lesson Credits in Duet?

If a student can't attend a lesson, you can issue a make-up credit to be used towards a lesson at a future date.

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Sometimes students can’t attend a lesson. With Duet, you can choose whether to offer a make-up lesson, issue a cash credit, or continue charging for the lesson. If you offer make-up lessons, this page will show you how to issue and track them.

First, set your studio's make-up policies. Do you allow make-up credits? When do the make-up credits expire?

You can set your studio policies in Settings.

  1. Click the Drop down arrow in the upper right hand corner, and select Settings.

2. Click on the Calendar tab, then scroll down to the Policy settings section and find the Make-up Policy sub-section.

3. You can set a number of months for the credit to remain active before it is marked as expired, from 1 month to 12 months. If the make-up lesson credit isn't used after 12 months, it will automatically be marked in the database as Expired. Choose the number of months you would like make-up credits to be valid for. Click “Submit” on the bottom right to save your changes.

Next, assign a make-up lesson credit to a student who has missed a lesson or class:

  1. Click on the event on your Calendar that was missed. Click on Set Attendance for that event.

2. In the Set Attendance form, set the attendance to Cancelled, or whichever status best describes the situation.

3. Choose the Issue Credit for this lesson (refund or make-up) checkbox on the attendance form.

4. Choose the Issue Make-up Credit option and enter any notes about the make-up. (Clicking Issue Make-Up Credit will apply the payment for the missed lesson to a future lesson. Clicking Issue Cash Refund will return the lesson payment to the payer.)

5. Click Submit.

To see a list of make-up credits applied to your students, go to Students → Students List and clicking on the Manage Make-ups tab. You can see your list of makeup credits under Calendar → Make-up Lesson Credits. Click here to learn how to manage your students' credits.

To apply a make-up credit to a future lesson, create or edit an event. Click on Add Details. At the bottom of the form, click the checkbox that says Apply Make-up Credit. You will see a drop down menu of credits issued to the student in the past. Select the credit you wish to apply to this new event. If you are editing an existing event, simply click Apply Make-Up Credit in the event's details.

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