How Do I Manage Make-Up Lesson Credits?

Keep track of the make-up credits you've issued: which are outstanding, which have been applied, and which are expiring.

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If a student can't attend a lesson or class, you may wish to issue a make-up credit, allowing the student to apply the payment for the missed lesson to a rescheduled lesson in the future.

To learn how to issue make-up credits and apply them to future lessons, read this article.

The following shows you how to keep track of existing make-up lesson credits: how to see which students have them, edit them, delete them, manage expiration dates.

  1. In the main menu, click on Students -> Students List -> Manage Makeups.

2. The screen shows a list of students who have credits, the status of those credits, when they were issued, and when they were used (if applicable). This screen also shows the expiration date of each credit. To learn how to set expiration dates for your make-up credits, read this article.

3. To filter the list of make-up credits, use either the Filter by Status menu or the Search field. The list can also be sorted by any column by clicking on the column header. Clicking once sorts by that column in ascending order (A-Z or 1-9), and clicking a second time will reverse the sort to descending order (Z-A or 9-1).

4. Clicking on a student's name will transfer you to that student's profile in the Students List. Clicking on the Issued From date will take you to the event the credit was issued from. Clicking on the Used On will take you to the event that the credit was applied to.

5. To edit the Expiration Date and/or Status of any credit, click on the Edit (pencil) icon for the credit you want to edit. After making changes, you can apply the changes, or cancel them and exit edit mode.

6. To delete any single credit, click on the Delete (x) icon for the credit you want to delete. A pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the credit.

7. To enable Bulk actions, click the Edit icon to the right of the Search box.

8. In Bulk Edit mode, select the credits you want to change, or select all of the credits in the list. In the Bulk Edit drop down menu, you can select to either Change Status or Delete the selected credits.

9. If you select Change Status, a drop down list will allow you to select Active, Used or Expired.

10. If you select Delete, a pop-up box will appear asking you to confirm that you want to delete the credits. Click OK to delete, and click Cancel to change your mind.

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