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Create Per Lesson Rate Packages

Learn how to charge your students per lesson.

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About This Tutorial

With rate packages, you set up how much and how often your students will pay you. You can create any number of these to fit the needs of your music studio.

Note: You want to create your rate packages before adding any students, because you cannot add a student unless you assign them a rate package.

There are 4 ways to setup a rate package:

  • Per lesson

  • Per week(s)

  • Per month(s)

  • Per semester/term

This tutorial will walk you through creating rate packages per lesson. Once you create a rate package you can assign it to as many students as you need.

Go to Your Rates Tab

  1. Click on your name > Settings. Located at the top right corner of the webpage.

    You are taken directly into your Studio tab by default.

  2. Click on the Rates tab.

Create a Rate Package to Charge Per Lesson

Let’s say you want to charge beginning piano students $40.00 per lesson. Here is how you fill out the form.

  1. Fill out the top part of the form.
    Name: Beginning Piano
    Amount: $40.00
    Every: 1
    Period: Lesson
    Description: (optional) These are notes, for yourself, about the rate package.

  2. Select “Charge once for the amount of the whole lesson set”.

  3. When done click on the Create New Rate Package button.

Your rate package will now show in the Existing Rate Packages list, located just below the form.

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