Setting Up Self-Scheduling

Configure this feature, create a class, make the class available for your students to sign up for, and see how your students sign up for it.

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About This Tutorial

Let's say you are available to teach from 10am - 2pm, but you want your student to choose what time their lesson is that day. The Self-Scheduling feature allows you to do that.

To set this up you need to:

  • Create a Duet account for your student.

  • Enable the self-scheduling feature, and also set what time intervals your students can self-schedule.

  • Create classes.

  • Set your availability, in your calendar, using the classes you have created.

Once you have those items done your students can go into their Duet calendar and self-schedule.

Step 1: Create a Duet Account for Your Student

In order for your students to have a Duet account, you need to create it. This will give your students access to their billing, calendar, practice log, and more.

Let's say you need to create a Duet account for Johann Sebastian Bach.

  1. Click on Students > Students List.

  2. Click on Johann Sebastian Bach's name.

    This will take you to Johann Sebastian Bach's edit page.

  3. Scroll down a bit until you find the area where you enter in a Username and Password.

  4. Enter in a Username and Password.

    The username can be anything you want. In this case we will enter "jsbach".

    The only password rule is that they are case sensitive. For example, "mypassword" is different from "MyPassword". Otherwise, there are no other rules on what the password can be.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Student button.

Step 2: Configure Your Student Self-Schedule Tab

The next thing you want to do is enable the self-scheduling feature and configure what time intervals your students can self-schedule. These are both located in your Student Self-Schedule tab.

  1. Click on your name > Settings.

  2. Click on the Student Self-Schedule tab.

  3. To turn on this feature, click on "Allow your students to sign up for lessons and events based on your calendar availability" option.

  4. Next, configure at which time intervals your students can self-schedule. Scroll down the page until you find the Schedule Details section.

  5. Allow lessons to get scheduled options lets you set which time intervals a student can schedule. Can they schedule every half hour? Can they schedule every 15 minutes? Or can they only schedule at the top of the hour?

    For this example we will choose on the half hour option.

    Note: "Allow lessons to get scheduled" is a global setting. Thus, not connected to any one class but will be the setting for all classes you create.

  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Student Self-Schedule Settings button.

    After saving is done you will still be in the Student Self-Schedule tab. You need to stay here for the next step, Creating a Class.

Step 3: Create a Class

Creating a class gives your students something to self-schedule to. Create as many classes as you need.

  1. In the Student Self-Schedule tab go to the Set Available Classes section.

  2. Give your class a name in the Class Name field. Let's name the class Trumpet 101.

  3. Click on the Duration drop down box and choose how long each lesson will be.

    You can have more than one lesson per day. The Duration drop down box lets you choose how long each individual lesson is.

    For this example, we will choose 30 minutes.

  4. Decide if this is going to be a Solo student class or a Group class.

    A solo student class will only allow one student per time slot to schedule. A group class will allow 2 or more students per time slot to schedule.

    Let's choose Group class.

  5. In the student slots available field, put in the maximum number of students that can schedule/attend each lesson. For this example let's enter in 3.

    Note: The software will stop allowing students to self-schedule for each time slot once the maximum number, in this case 3, is reached.

  6. Next, choose how you will charge your students. You can choose one or more Rate Packages, and/or set a Flat Rate Price.

    Rate Packages allow you to charge the student their assigned rate package. So if the student is normally charged $40.00 per lesson they will be charged that if you choose that rate package. In this example, we won't be choosing any rate packages.

    Here is what the Rate Packages list looks like.

    Flat Rate Price. If a student self-schedules the class but are not assigned any of the rate packages you selected (or you didn't select any rate packages at all), they will be charged the flat rate price instead.

    For this example, let's just assign a Flat Rate Price of $40.00.

    Note: If you don't choose any rate packages nor fill out a flat rate then the students won't be charged at all.

  7. The Category drop down box lets you choose which event category your class falls under. In this example, we will keep it set to Default category (which is Lesson unless you changed it in your Settings area).

  8. The Location drop down box lets you choose where the class is going to be held. In this example, we will keep it set to Default location (which is My Home unless you changed it in your Settings area).

  9. In the Description field, you can write a few details about the class.

  10. Click on the Create Class button to save your class.

When saved, your class will show up in the Existing Classes list.

Note: The Existing Classes list only shows up when you have at least one class created.

Step 4: Set Your Availability in Your Calendar

When you create an Availability event in your calendar, it shows up in your students Duet calendar. This is the place where your students will do the self-scheduling.

Let's say you are available to teach Trumpet 101 from 10am - 2pm. This is the first time you are trying this so you only want to schedule this class for one day.

To set availability for this class:

  1. Click on Calendar.

  2. Click on the Add New drop down box and choose Availability.

  3. In the Add Availability box make sure the option Available is chosen.

  4. In the Title field put in the name of your class. In this case type in Trumpet 101.

  5. Next, set the date you will be teaching Trumpet 101.

    Click on the Calendar icon and choose a date. For this example, we will choose April 20th, 2022.

  6. Next, set what time this class will be offered. In this example, you want to teach between 10am - 2pm.

    Note: Since you set each lesson to be 30 minutes and students are allowed to self-schedule lessons every half hour, the software will create 8 time slots for your students to choose from between the hours of 10am - 2pm.

    Click in the From Time field and choose 10:00am.

    Then, click in the To Time field and choose 2:00pm.

    Note: The software will not allow your students to self-schedule outside of the 10am - 2pm time frame you just set.

  7. Next, choose which class you are making this time available for.

    Click in the Available to teach field and choose Trumpet 101.

  8. Click on the Save Availability button.

You will now see the class/availability in your calendar.

How Your Students Self-Schedule

Now that you have things setup, your students can go into their Duet calendar and self-schedule. In the following example, you will see what it looks like for one of your students to sign up for your class.

Let's say you are the student. Your name is Frederic Chopin. You are interested in learning how to play the Trumpet. Your teacher recently sent an email saying that she has the class, Trumpet 101, all setup in Duet. All you need to do is go into your Duet calendar and sign up for it.

  1. Log in to your Duet student account:

  2. Click on Calendar.

  3. In the month of April, you will see the Trumpet 101 class. Click on the Trumpet 101 class.

    The Book Availability popup box will come up.

  4. In the Book Availability popup box, in the Time field, type in which time slot you want your lesson to start at. Do you want the 10:00am time slot? Or the 1:30pm time slot? Or another one?

    In this example we will type in 10:30am.

  5. Click on the Book It button.

  6. Click on the Check Mark button so that it shows you are scheduled for the class on your (student) calendar.

    How the scheduled class looks on your (student) calendar.

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