Set Attendance From Your Dashboard

This tutorial shows you the two ways you can set attendance from the Unreconciled Lessons box that shows up on your dashboard.

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About This Tutorial

Attendance lets you keep track of things such as, Did your student show up? Did they miss the lesson? Did you reschedule them?

To set attendance, you will have needed to have created a Lesson, a Group Lesson, or an Event in your calendar.

Unreconciled Lessons Box

Right when the lesson or group lesson starts, Duet will create an Unreconciled Lessons box at the top of your Dashboard. For example:

There are 2 ways you can set attendance from this box:

Set Attendance One at a Time

  1. Click on the students name. In this case Frederic Chopin.

  2. In the Set Attendance box scroll down to the Attendance field.

  3. The field is auto set to Attended. Click on the down arrow to choose another option if you wish.

  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the box and click on the Submit button to save.

That unreconciled lesson will no longer show in the Unreconciled Lessons Box. Notice that the first Frederic Chopin listing from the top is no longer there.

Set Attendance All at Once

  1. Click on the text Set Attendance for all #.

    You are taken to the Reconcile Lessons page:

  2. Under the Attendance column click on the down arrow and choose an attendance option.

    Feel free to fill in any of the other fields, such as notes.

  3. When done filling all of them in, click on the Submit button to save.

    The Unreconciled Lessons box is no longer showing on your Dashboard:

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