Set Your Default Location

This tutorial will walk you through how to change the default Location setting.

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About This Tutorial

A Location lets everyone know where an event, such as a Lesson, will be held.

Duet comes with three built-in Locations:

By default, Location is set to My Home. So each time you create a Lesson, Group Lesson, Event, or Personal Event the Location is always preset to it. For example:

There are situations where a teacher will need their default Location to be something other than My Home. This tutorial will walk you through how to change this setting.

Set Your Default Location

Let's say that you teach lessons at a music store. Each time you create a lesson in your calendar, you always have to change the Location from My Home to Music Studio.

What you can do instead of having to manually change the Location each time, is change the default Location to Music Studio.

  1. Click on your name > Settings.

    This will take you into your Settings area.

  2. In your Settings area, click on the Calendar tab.

  3. In your Calendar tab, scroll down until you reach the Edit Locations section.

  4. Click on the Default Location drop down box and choose My Studio.

  5. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Calendar Settings button.

Now each time you create a Lesson, for example, the default Location is Music Studio.

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