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About This Tutorial

Change Your Microphone and Speaker

About This Tutorial

When you first enter the room, Online Studio will auto detect which microphone and speaker devices you have plugged in. This includes the built-in ones that are in your computer.

You can change which microphone and speaker you are using at anytime, while in your room.

This tutorial will show you how to change which audio (microphone and speaker) to use.

Note: Your speaker is how you hear others. Your microphone is what you talk into so others can hear you.

Change Your Microphone and Speaker

In this example, we will change from a plugged in headset to a computer's built-in microphone and speaker.

Note: The screenshots below show a Windows 10 computer.

  1. Find the microphone icon and click on the up arrow.

  2. At the Microphone section click on the name of your system's microphone. In this example, it is Microphone Array(Intel).

    A green checkmark will appear next to your choice.

  3. At the Speaker section, click on the name of your system's speaker. In this example, it is Speaker (Realtek(R) Audio).

    A green check mark will appear next to your voice.

  4. You can test the speaker by click on the Test button next to the speaker's name. If you chose the correct system name then you will hear the test sound through your computer's speakers.

    The best way to test if changing your microphone and speaker worked is to ask someone else in the room if they can hear you via your computer's audio.

  5. Once done testing, you can exit out of the menu by either clicking on the arrow again or anywhere outside of the menu.

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