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Kick Someone Out
Remove Someone From Your Online Lesson (Moderators Only)
Remove Someone From Your Online Lesson (Moderators Only)

There may be times when you need to kick someone out of the Online Studio room. This tutorial shows you how.

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About This Tutorial

This feature allows you to kick anyone out of the room, for any number of reasons. This tutorial shows you how.

Kick Someone Out

Let's say that Autumn had to leave the meeting early, but forgot to leave the meeting. To help with this, you can remove Autumn from the room yourself.

  1. Go to the students camera box whom you want to kick out. In this example, it is Autumn.

  2. Click on the ... menu. This will show the menu's options.

  3. Click on Kick out.

    This will open the Kick this participant? popup box.

  4. Click on the Kick button.

    This will immediately kick the student out of the room. The student will receive a red message box letting them know they have been kicked out.

    Also, the student will no longer be seen in the room.

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