Switch Between Camera Views

There are 2 ways you can see everyone's cameras: Tile and Spotlight. How to switch between them. How to choose who is featured in Spotlight.

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About This Tutorial

There are two ways you can view everyone's cameras:

Stoplight View

Tile View

Note: If there are already two or more people in the room when you enter, you will see everyone in Tile View by default.

This tutorial will show you how to toggle between these two views.

Toggle Between Tile View and Spotlight View

In this example, we are starting off in Tile View. And then switching back and forth between the two views.

Let's say that, currently, you are in Tile View:

And you want to switch over to Spotlight view.

  1. Go to your Nav Bar. The Nav Bar appears each time you move your mouse around.

  2. Click on the Toggle Tile View icon.

    You are now in Spotlight View.

  3. To go back to Tile View click on the Toggle Tile View icon again.

    You are now back in Tile View.

Choose Who is Featured in Spotlight View

You can choose who is in the spotlight by clicking on their camera box.

In this example, you are already in Spotlight View. You want to change who is featured from Julie to Sophia.

  1. Find the camera boxes. These are located off to the right hand side of your screen.


  2. Hover over Sophia's camera box and click on it.

    Sophia's camera is now featured on the screen.

    Notice how Sophia's camera box now has a pin in the upper left hand corner, while she is featured in Spotlight view.

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