Join a Breakout Room

How to join a breakout room in Online Studio once it has been created. And how to tell you are in one.

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About This Tutorial

A breakout room has all the features and functionality of your main room. One common use of a breakout room is to pair up students to go over the music while giving them their own space to do it in.

Breakout rooms can be created, joined, and deleted. This tutorial will show you how to join a breakout room.

Join a Breakout Room

Once a breakout room has been created by a moderator, anyone can join.

  1. Click on the Participants icon in the Nav Bar.

    This will open up the Participants panel. In this example, the teacher has already created a couple of breakout rooms.

  2. Hover over the room you want to join and click on the Join button.

    You will then see yourself being transported into the breakout room.


    You are now in your breakout room.


How to Tell You Are in a Breakout Room

Since the breakout room looks and feels exactly like the main room, here are indicators that let you know you are in a breakout room.

Indicator #1: When you move your mouse around the screen, a drop down box will appear at the top that tells you the name of the room you are in. In this case it says you are in Breakout Room #1.

Indicator #2: When you look at the Participants panel, you see the button Leave breakout room.

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