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Create a Group Lesson That Repeats Regularly
Create a Group Lesson That Repeats Regularly

See how to create a group lesson that repeats regularly. Whether that be once a week, bi-weekly, and so on.

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About This Tutorial

When you create a private lesson, you can only select one student to participate in that lesson. With a group lesson, you can select two or more students to participate in that lesson.

You can either schedule a group lesson to occur only once, or set it to repeat.

You can set a lesson to repeat once a week, every two weeks, every three weeks, and so on. This tutorial will show you how to create a group lesson that repeats weekly.

Create a Group Lesson That Repeats Regularly

Let’s say there is a brother and sister who want to learn how to play the Clarinet. Since they are inseparable, the siblings will be taking the lessons together, once a week on Friday. You need to create a group lesson for them on your calendar.

  1. Click on Calendar.

  2. Click on Add New > Group Lesson

  3. Click in the Students field and select which students will be attending this group lesson. In this case, it will be Sally Williams and Johnathan Williams.

  4. In the Date field, click on the calendar icon. Choose the day you want the group lesson to start on. In this example, choose May 6th, 2022.

  5. Click on the Time field and choose what time the lesson will start. In this example, choose 03:30pm.

  6. Click on This lesson repeats box to check it.

  7. In the Repeats drop down box, choose Weekly.

  8. Click in the Every drop down box and choose 1. Duet will repeat the lesson once a week with this setting.

    Note: If you want the lesson to repeat every two weeks then choose 2. To repeat every three weeks choose 3. And so on.

  9. In the Repeats area click on Fri box to check it. This will schedule the lessons on Fridays.

  10. At Ends on, click on the calendar icon and choose the date these lessons will end on. For this example, choose July, 15th, 2022.

  11. Next, choose if you will either charge each student their default rate package or create a new rate for each student. Here is what each option does:

    Charge Each Student Their Default Rate: This means that you will use their existing rate package. If their rate package charges them $100.00 per week, the group lesson is included. Thus no additional charges will show up on their invoice. Same for monthly and per semester rate packages. However, if you charge the student per lesson then that student will get charged for this group lesson.

    Set a Different Rate Per Student for This Lesson: What this allows you to do is charge each student for this group lesson. If their rate package charges them $100.00 per week, this lesson is not included. The student will see an additional charge on their invoice for this lesson. That charge is whatever you set it to when you select this option.

    In this case, click in the Charge each student their default rate radio button to select it.

  12. Click on the Add detail's down arrow. This will give you more options.

  13. In the Title field, change it to Williams Siblings.

    Note: The title is what shows on your calendar.

  14. To add a lesson description, click on the Add Description box to check it.

    Type in something to remind yourself of why this lesson is taking place, for example.

  15. You can also change the Location and Category fields if you wish. In this case, we will keep them as is.

  16. Click on the Duration field and change it to 60 minutes.

    The Duration field lets you change the length of the lesson. This is the time frame that your calendar will reserve for this lesson.

  17. Click on the Apply Make-Up Credit box to check it. See if there is any credit you want to apply towards this lesson.

    Both drop down boxes are greyed out meaning that there are no make-up credits to apply.

  18. Click on Create New Lesson button, at the bottom of the popup box, to save.

The group lesson will now show up in your calendar.

Note: The group lesson will also show up in Sally and Johnathan Williams' calendars as well.

When notifications are set up your students will receive an email and/or a text message letting them know a new lesson has been created for them. See the Related Tutorials section below, for a link to instructions, on how to setup these notifications.

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