Create Your Own Location

Duet comes with three built-in Locations. If none of those fit your needs you can create your own. Here is how.

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About This Tutorial

Location lets everyone know where the event, such as a Lesson, will be held.

Duet comes with three built in Locations:

If none of those categories fit your needs, you can create one. This tutorial walks you through how to create your own Location.

Create Your Own Location

Let's say that you lead a jazz band. This jazz band meets at the local university. Since there is no university Location option, you will need to create it.

  1. Click on your name > Settings.

    This will take you into your Settings area.

  2. In your Settings area, click on the Calendar tab.

  3. In your Calendar tab, scroll down until you reach the Edit Locations section.

  4. In the Edit Locations section, find the Add new location field.

  5. Click in the Add new location field and type in University.

  6. Click on the Add button.

    University is now listed.

  7. Next, we are going to change the icon. Hover over University and click on the Pencil icon.

  8. In the Edit Location popup box scroll down and choose the School icon.

  9. Scroll down and click on the Save button.

    The icon is now changed.

Now, when you go to schedule a Jazz Band rehearsal, you will be able to choose University as a Location.

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