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About This Tutorial

Admit Students Into the Room

About This Tutorial

When you start an Online Studio video conference, two separate areas are created: the main room and the lobby.

The main room is basically the video conference with all of its features and tools. The lobby is basically a waiting room for your students.

This tutorial shows you how to admitting a student and what that looks like from both the student's and the teacher's end.

Note: If your lobby is not turned on, see: Turn the Lobby On or Off (Moderators Only)

Admit Students Into the Room

In this example, the student has just entered the lobby, as shown below:

Once in the lobby:

  1. Student clicks on the Ask to Join button.

  2. When a student first asks to be let in you will get two notifications:

    (1) You will hear what sounds like a knock on the door. (no visuals, just sound).

    (2) A green message box will pop up.

    Note: Because only one student is asking to be let in, you can click on the Admit text to let them in. Otherwise, you will need to go into the Participants panel.

    If more then one student is waiting to be let in, the green message box will look like this:

  3. To admin your student(s), go to Nav Bar > Participants.

    This will open up the Participants panel.

  4. Click on the Admit button next to each student's name.

  5. Student will be transported into the room from the lobby.

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