1 of 5: Create an Online Studio Lesson

In this first of four tutorials, you will see how to create a lesson that will be held online, using Online Studio

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About This Tutorial

This series of tutorials is designed to get you up and running with using Online Studio. It covers:

  1. How to create a Lesson so that it takes place in Online Studio.

  2. How to start an Online Studio Lesson.

  3. How you invite a student to join.

  4. How to let students into the lesson.

This tutorial will walk you through how to create a lesson so it takes place in Online Studio.

Which Web Browser to Use for Online Studio

Online Studio works best with Google Chrome, whether you are on a MAC, PC, or a mobile phone.

Full functionality is not available for Safari, yet. We will update this tutorial when it is. Thank you for your patience.

Create an Online Studio Lesson

Let's say that you have extended the reach of your studio into other towns. For these folks who live far away, you host online lessons.

  1. Click on Calendar.

  2. Find the date of the lesson and left click on it.

  3. Click on Add Lesson.

    This will open up the Add Lesson popup box.

  4. In the Student drop down box, select the student this lesson is for. In this example, Autumn Spring.

  5. In the Time field, select the time this lesson will start at. In this example, 02:00 PM.

  6. Click on Add details down arrow.

    This will open up more options to choose from.

  7. Click in the box Enable Online Studio to check it. Checking this box is what allows you to use Online Studio for this lesson.

  8. When done, click on the Create New Lesson button.

    Click on the OK button in the New Lesson Created popup box.

    Your lesson is now created.

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