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About This Tutorial

Learn About The Lobby

About This Tutorial

At this point you have seen how to:

  • How to create a Lesson so that it takes place in Online Studio.

  • How to start an Online Studio Lesson.

  • How you invite a student to join.

Next you will need to know how to let your students into your online lesson room. You can either have the student go into a lobby where they will need to ask permission to be let into the room. Or you can turn the lobby off and just let the students enter directly into the room.

The tutorials that explain the lobby have already been created. So, this tutorial will just link you to those articles.

Learn About the Lobby

Turn the Lobby On or Off (Moderators Only)

By default, your lobby is turned on. If for any reason you want to turn your lobby off, or you need to turn your lobby back on, this tutorial shows you how.

Admitting Students Into the Room From the Lobby (Moderators Only)

This tutorial shows you how to admit a student into the lesson room, from the lobby, and what that looks like from both the students and the teachers end.

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