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Note: Access to each Team Website or the Stack Team app is automatic for anyone with an DUSC account AND connected the account is connected to a specific player.

Requests to join the app WILL NOT be given. Automatic access is given to those who have their account on the registration site. You need to go to your account > then click on the gear in the upper right corner > at the bottom of the page click Add Additional Account Holder. An email will be sent to him/her to create an account and they will use that username and password to access the app and/or website.

Roster on Website

Each team has their own small website. From > click PLAY DUSC > hover over TEAM CENTRAL and click TEAM DIRECTORY > you should then see your team but can enter the team letter/number and click SEARCH. Once you find your team click on TEAM HOME. (You will need to be logged in.)

  • Home includes changes on the site

  • Roster includes a list the children and the coaches on the right side

    • Coaches are able to choose whether or not to display their personal contact info from their profile here as well. Click the word "Profile" under your name. On the next page that appears there is a DUSC logo, click the word "edit" above it. Checkmark the items you would like to display.

    • Coaches can click PRINT A ROSTER to access player/parent contact info.

  • Calendar includes your practices (if finalized) and games (when finalized)

  • Email allows you to email the team and coach

  • News and Files are not used at this point.

StackTeam App Logo

Stack Team App

The app is one of our main lines of communication. During registration you used your PRIMARY parent/guardian account. You are able to add an ADDITIONAL ACCOUNT HOLDER. The ADDITIONAL ACCOUNT HOLDER will receive an email to accept access to the account. They need to use that email to create their account. DO NOT create a new account without following the instructions provided in the email!

The Stack Team web/phone app will be one of the key components ( Be sure you download the correct app. There is another with a similar name. The logo is displayed above. Log into the web and/or app using the same email/password you use to enter the Play DUSC registration site. Please be sure to download the app to receive notifications.

  • Schedules allows you to see everything happening for either all teams or you can choose a specific team. Swipe a team to the left and star it to bring it to the top of your list.

    • RSVP to your games. Click Schedule > choose your team > click RSVP by the game of choice > click reply > choose Yes, No, Maybe > click Save.

  • Teams is a list of your teams and any notes or specific items that your team needs to know as well as a link to your team schedule. Swipe a team to the left and star it to bring it to the top of your list.

  • The Chat is your main line of communication for the team. All parents and coaches associated with the team have access to this chat. There is a team chat started for all teams, or should be. The coaches and myself create them as we go.

    • One chat room is plenty! We suggest naming your chat with simply your team letter/number, i.e. Team 104 or Team 104 - 1st Grade. This will assist parents that have multiple kids to know exactly what team they are chatting in. If the room is named "Welcome," well there are a few in there like that already and it is hard to keep things straight.

    • If you want to be sure that everyone is in the chat room, post a message and ask them to respond with a thumbs up (you know the quick little reply icons). In the app, not available on the web, click and hold on those quick reply icons and you will see exactly who responded. See the images below for examples.

  • Links includes key access to things you need for recreation including a link back to the website, online photo order form, Cottonwood field maps, and link to info for coaches and parents interested in rules and lesson plans ideas/links.

  • Sponsors will give you to our list of generous supporters and their websites.

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