With Duuoo you can manage and engage your people according to modern practices - holding frequent 1-on-1 meetings provided with high-quality content, making actions to increase accountability and educating managers through bite-sized learnings to become better leaders. Duuoo puts all these functions in an intuitive and powerful web-based solution.

The Platform 

You get access to:

  • A set agenda for 1-on-1 meetings to take out the guesswork with the opportunity to adjust to your team.

  • Ready-made Talking Points that simplify and reduce the preparation process.

  • Rearranging, editing and adding your own Talking Points to shape the meetings you want to have.

  • Possibility to create actions during your 1-on-1s and keeping track of them in one place.

  • Managers get bite-sized insights about every conversation topic.

  • Complete interaction history with employee timelines.

  • Calendar integration for easy scheduling and automatic notifications.

  • Overview of all your 1-on-1 meetings and actions with your team in one place.

  • Adding Goals with due dates and action items - integrated with your 1-on-1 process for continuous progress overview¬†

  • Giving real-time feedback throughout the whole organization at any time.

How does Duuoo decide which questions are suggested?

Based on extensive research in business coaching and organisational psychology, our Conversation Engine will provide 4 suggested questions from the six themes of Employee Engagement.

What is the Duuoo Conversation Engine?

The Duuoo Conversation Engine is our proprietary algorithm which creates the suggested Talking Points for each meeting. You can learn more about our Conversation Engine on this page.

What about security and data?

Who has access to the data that Duuoo stores after each meeting? How secure is it?

Only specific Duuoo employees have access to our databases. All data is transmitted over SSL, which means that all communication with our servers is encrypted. No need to worry, the data is safe and secure!

Who can see the notes between team members and their managers?

The notes made by team members can only be seen by their manager. No information is shared between team members or between managers.

You'll find all the security and data related docs here

What's next?

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