As the creator of your organisation's Duuoo account you'll be automatically set as the admin of that account - meaning you get access to all the teams settings, changing and adding admins and access to billing information. In the following you'll find all these processes explained.

Teams settings

In Duuoo you'll find the access to settings for all the teams in your organisations by clicking on 'Organization settings' in the upper right corner which brings you to the 'Teams' page with a list of teams in your organisation. 

You can easily navigate through your list of teams using the search function. Simply start typing team name, manager name or manager email to shorten the list and find the exact team, you are looking for.

You can click into each team settings and get access to:

  • Changing the name of the team

  • Changing the manager of the specific team

  • Removing team members

  • Deleting teams

NB! The 'Settings' button behind each team is available only for the admin, other managers can see settings only for their own team.

Changing and adding admins 

In case you need to pass your admin or billing rights or just add another person as an admin or billing person you can do that also under the 'People' page when clicking on 'Settings' in the upper right corner.

Next to the names you'll find ticks for 'Admin' and 'Billing' - you can click on those to give to or take from the chosen person admin or billing rights (the ticks will be green as shown below, to mark an active admin)

Please note that every new admin has all the same rights as the initial admin and can therefore give and take admin and billing rights. Also, you can't take admin rights from yourself - for doing a switch you need to first choose a new admin who can then remove the rights from your account.

Billing information

There are two ways to be billed for Duuoo

  • You've added your credit card details in the app and the amount of your subscription is deducted automatically every month 

  • You've signed a contract with us and are billed via manual invoicing

If your payment method is the first one (added a credit card), then as an admin you have the access to the 'Billing' page when clicking on your organisation name in the upper right corner.

As a contract customer please get in touch with us for further details.

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