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Choosing meeting frequencies
Choosing meeting frequencies
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Finding the right frequency for you and your team is key to sustain trust and engagement in the 1-on-1 meeting concept. 

In Duuoo, we provide you with 6 different types of frequencies to choose from - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually - you can choose a different frequency separately for each team member and for each meeting type.

When first choosing a meeting track for your team, the cadence is automatically set the same for each types of meetings.

Changing meeting preferences

You can access these settings on your team page by clicking on Team settings button and choosing Change meeting preferences.

From the list choose the team member you wish to change the preferences for and click Set preferences

Next, choose the meeting type to change preferences for, choose your desired settings for the meeting (Frequency, Preferred meeting day, Starting time and Meeting duration) and click on Finish once you're happy with the changes.

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