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Manager Preparation for 1-on-1 meeting
Manager Preparation for 1-on-1 meeting

How to prepare for your first 1-on-1?

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Your first 1-on-1s were scheduled during your sign-up process.

Good news - the agenda for your 1-on-1s is always filled with Talking Points by Duuoo's Conversation Engine! That makes getting started with 1-on-1s as smooth as possible for you and your team members.

Editing the agenda

You can always see the status of the next meeting on each team member card.

Click on the team member card to get aquatinted with the upcoming agenda. If you're happy with it, if you're happy with the agenda suggested by Duuoo - there's no need to do anything further. Your team member will also be seeing this agenda as soon as the meeting is scheduled.

If you wish to edit the agenda, click on the Edit agenda button and you'll be presented with the tools in the right corner of each Talking Point to change, move add your own Talking Point or delete one.

Once you're done editing and happy with the agenda, click on Save changes and choose if you'd like us to notify your team member about the changes.

Next to each Talking Point you'll also find Manager Insights and follow-up questions - for helping you to better understand why these questions are asked and how to follow-up to go deeper into the topic. 

These will be visible to you at all times when clicking on the meeting card before your 1-on-1. During the actual 1-on-1 only the talking Point and Followup questions will be visible.

Employee notes

Once the team member has prepared her notes, you'll receive a notification and can take a look at the notes to prepare for the topics that will be discussed during the 1-on-1. Notes will appear under the Talking Point like shown above.

You can always find the notes again by clicking on the team member card.

What's next?

You're all set for your 1-on-1 start with prepared agenda, manager insights, notes from your team member.
Next we'll look into how Duuoo supports you during the actual 1-on-1 meeting process.

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