1-on-1 meeting process

Your 1-on-1 meeting process in Duuoo explained from start to finish!

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During the 1-on-1 meeting, you only need to bring one device to use Duuoo from - for example it could be either your or your team member's laptop.
All the notes and agreements made during the meeting will be saved and visible for both of the users
(no matter from who's account the meeting was started from).

When you've sat down together and ready to start, just log in to Duuoo and click on the meeting card to start the meeting.

Every time you start a 1-on-1 meeting - we put the meeting on full-screen to avoid other distractions during the meeting, you'll also get a welcome screen with short agenda and meeting guide to kick-off your meeting!

While discussing each Talking Point you can:

  • Add new notes or edit the existing notes

  • Add agreements for both participants regarding each Talking Point 

  • Add Goals (including action items, due date and category)

At the end of your 1-on-1 meeting

Based on your team's chosen meeting track, Duuoo will each time suggest you the next date and time for the upcoming 1-on-1 meeting (also, you can change the date and time to your liking by clicking on 'Change date & time' on the meeting card - see below).

Connect your calendar

To make scheduling the next meeting easier, connect your calendar to Duuoo. Our calendar integration works with all the major email clients, such as: Exchange, Office 365,Outlook, iCloud and Google Calendar.

If you haven't connected your calendar during creating your profile, you'll find the button on the scheduling next 1-on-1 page. Also, as shown above on the right, you can send a message to your team member to connect their calendar.

Don't worry about having sensitive information in your personal calendar - Duuoo calendar integration will show you only when either of you or your team member is busy, the rest of the details are hidden.

When the next date is set, finish your meeting by clicking on Save date & finish

Congratulations - your 1-on-1 meeting is done and next one set up!

Want to know more?

How to get more out of your 1-on-1s with real-time Manager Feedback and Private Notes?

...and of course, if you have any questions, you can reach us!

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