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Note: Giving Feedback in Duuoo is meant to contribute to building an open continuous feedback culture, therefore anyone in your organisation can give and receive feedback from all of their colleagues.  

Real-time Feedback

Great - so you're ready to leave feedback! How it works?

  • Click on the plus sign in the middle of the header and choose Give feedback

  • Choose to who from you organization Give Feedback to

  • Enter your feedback and click Send Feedback

  • Feedback will be saved on the colleague's profile

  • She or he will get a notification immediately regarding the feedback and can also see it on their profile

  • Feedback entered to your team member since the last meeting will be reviewed during next 1-on-1 

  • You can make an Action based on the Feedback during your 1-on-1

  • Review the feedback you've given or received on Feedback tab under My Profile

Requesting Feedback

Taking a step further and building a truly continuous feedback culture where reviews include feedback from your peers? Here's how to request feedback in Duuoo:

  • Click on the plus sign in the middle of the header and choose Request feedback

  • Write a note to your colleague to give some context to your request

  • Choose a template you'd like to use for requesting feedback to get more in depth and specific feedback from your peers (optional)

  • Choose one or multiple colleagues you would like to request feedback from and click Send request

  • Your colleague(s) will receive a notfication with your note and chosen template to write the feedback for you

  • You'll be able to see requested feedback on My Profile page

Note: Feedback templates can be created by Duuoo admins in your organization under Settings > Templates

Want to know more?

Read from our blog, how to leave truly constructive feedback.

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