To keep your remote teams connected, here's our recommendation for one possible setup for your 1-on-1 meetings in Duuoo with remote employees.

Choose a video meeting tool

You can of course use any web-conferencing platform that allows you to share your screen. We've found as one of the easiest tools when it comes to video conferencing - it's free and quick to download and you can have unlimited 1-on-1 meetings with screen-sharing. The following example is carried out using Zoom.

Team Member opens Duuoo and starts screen-sharing

As you need to use only one Duuoo user's account to carry out your 1-on-1 when you're both sitting in the same room - it's best to do it the same way for remote 1-on-1s (rather than opening the meeting from both remote participants' computers).

That way both, the manager and the team member, will see the changes of the notes and added agreements in real time.

As 1-on-1 meetings are all about managers actively listening to their employees, we recommend the following setup:

  • Start a video call (in Zoom)

  • Team member logs in to their Duuoo account and clicks on the button 'Start 1-on-1 meeting' on the meeting card under 'My Profile'
    (Exit full screen mode of the meeting by pressing 'Esc' on your keyboard or click on the 'x' in the upper right corner of the screen)

  • Team member shares her screen with the manager
    (for sharing your screen in Zoom you'll find the option on the bottom bar, for best experience choose only to share the browser where your 1-on-1 meeting is open)

That way employee is in charge of the pace of the meeting, adding/editing Notes and adding Agreements.

  • The screen setup looks the following:

Team member screen (sharing the screen)

Manager screen (seeing the shared screen)

Tip for managers: You can open your Duuoo account in another browser window on the side and go to the team member's profile you're having the meeting with to see the Private Notes you've written down (like seen on the screenshot above on the right side)

You're ready to start your 1-on-1 meeting remotely!

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