Strategic Talking Points are Talking Points that you define and that are specific to your organisation. They can drive your strategic agenda or they can be used to get qualitative feedback.
You can tap those questions or topics into some or all your teams' 1-on-1 meetings and get back a report with valuable input and feedback from your employees.

NB! You can only add Strategic Talking Points if you're the admin of your organisation's Duuoo account. Read how to see and change admins.

To add your Strategic Talking Point in Duuoo:

  • Click on 'Settings' in the upper right corner

  • Click on the 'Talking Points' under your company name

Here you'll find a form where you can input things like the question itself, context for the manager and follow-up questions. Once you've filled the fields, hit 'Submit'.

The Talking Point will then be added to the agenda of all the upcoming 1-on-1s within the selected teams on your chosen date.

After everyone has discussed the Talking Point and has entered  in notes about it, you can request a report which aggregates the notes and activity around this Talking Point for your review.

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