Individual Goals

Get started with setting individual goals together with your team member!

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Setting powerful goals is crucial for individual, and ultimately organizational, development and success. That was our vision as we set out to build Goals.

To add Goals, start your scheduled 1-on-1 meeting with your team member. You'll find a 'Add a Goal' button on the right side (under 'Goals' tab)

Goals function lets you:

  • Add goals during 1-on-1 meetings together (instead of dictating them top-down)

  • Add action items to make goals actionable

  • Set a due date for the goal

  • Set a category for the goal: business, personal or other

You can complete, review, edit or delete already set goals in between and during your 1-on-1 meetings.

All recorded goals will be visible on you team page under Goals tab and you can also find individual goals on the employees's profile page, under Goals section.

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