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Manager Guide to Duuoo
Getting started as a Manager
Getting started as a Manager

Your team page in Duuoo explained!

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Welcome to our people management platform, it's great to have you on board! 

Duuoo helps you as a manager to keep continuous and meaningful conversations with your team members and provides you with guidance to be a successful people manager.

You have just signed up to Duuoo, went through the process of creating your profile and added team members to your new team - finally landed on your team page in Duuoo. What can you find from there?

Team page header

Under your team name you'll find all the team members that belong to your team (the first icon with a star indicates the manager of the team). You can click on each employee's icon to enter their profile. 

To add more team members just click on the + sign next to the team members' icons. For other actions like renaming your team, changing the manager or removing a team member, click on the 'Team settings' button in the right upper corner.

You'll find rest of the team page divided into three tabs - Overview, Actions and Goals

Overview tab

Here you'll find all your team member cards (on right side) including:

  1. Status of the upcoming 1-on-1 meeting

  2. Quick actions for giving feedback, adding private notes and viewing actions

  3. Reschedule your upcoming 1-on-1 meeting

  4. Click on the card header to go to full profile page of the team member

Note: if your team is on a meeting track with multiple types of meetings then on your team member card we'll show you the one that's coming up next

Team member cards are your main tools for a quick overview, preparation, review and to start your 1-on-1 meetings.

The upcoming 1-on-1s timeline
on the left side provides you with a quick overview of the meetings during next two weeks. Clicking on a meeting there takes your straight to the meeting preparation page.

Overdue meetings reminder section will appear on top of the upcoming 1-on-1s timeline only if you have any overdue meetings. 

Actions tab

As soon as you've created your first Action during your 1-on-1 it will appear there. Only open Actions will be shown, completed Actions are visible on specific employee's profile page.
We'll explain using Actions in the 1-on-1 meeting process step.

Goals tab

All your team members' Goals will be visible here. You'll get a full overview of the progress and can make sure that individual goals align within the team. read more about Goal setting practices here.

What's next?

While you created your team during sign up you also planned your very first 1-on-1s with each team member. Now we'll dive deeper into the meeting preparation using the team member cards. 

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