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Duuoo's recommended meeting tracks
Duuoo's recommended meeting tracks
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Does your team need more focus on ensuring smooth progress of projects or focus more on coaching your employees professional and personal development? Maybe a bit of both? Or do you need to focus more on whole teams' performance in your leadership team? 

We have worked out Duuoo's meeting tracks to answer the questions above for you. 

What are meetings tracks?

You can now choose from seven different meeting tracks based on your team type and needs. Each track contains different types of meetings with different cadences  (find the option under Team Settings in Duuoo).

Three full tracks allow you to have your development meetings separately from your regular 1-on-1s.

The tracks are divided between three team types: 

  • Line management team (Coaching Tracks and Managerial Tracks)

  • Project team (Project Tracks)

  • Leadership team (Leadership Tracks)

Line management team tracks 

Managers in these teams often coach a group of direct reports and are responsible for the performance and development of their team members.

Here you can choose between Coaching tracks and Managerial tracks.

Coaching 1-on-1s in Coaching track are solely focused on Duuoo's six themes: Work-alignment, well-being, collaboration, feedback, motivation & personal development.

Progress 1-on-1s in Managerial tracks are a mix of 50% project progress and 50% personal development based on our six themes.

Both, Coaching 1-on-1s and Progress 1-on-1s come with four Duuoo Talking Points in the agenda for each of your 1-on-1.

In both of these tracks you can choose between going for just regular 1-on-1s or going for the full track with regular 1-on-1s + Development reviews.

More about full tracks in the end of this article

Project team track

Project team members often belong to different groups, functions in the company and are assigned to activities for the same project.
Therefore, 1-on-1s in Project team track are designed to focus on ensuring that projects are progressing smoothly and will be carried out at a high performance level. 

Leadership team tracks

Progress, Plans, Problems + People (PPP+P) is a management technique adapted in Leadership tracks for recurring dialogues between managers, leaders or top management. These dialogues have three main points of focus: Operational, Strategic and People and are concerned with the team and its performance.

PPP meetings in this track act as the regularly occurring 1-on-1s with a suitable agenda for leadership teams, on top of that you can choose the full track with regular PPP meetings + Development reviews

Choosing full tracks

There are three full tracks in Duuoo's recommended meeting tracks: Full coaching track, Full managerial track and Full leadership track

Choosing one of these tracks means that going further you'll have two different types of meetings with each of your team members. There's a separate meeting card for each of them:

Example of a team member' profile on Full managerial track

This means you can keep separate agendas for your regular 1-on-1s (either bi-weekly or monthly depending on the chosen track) and Development reviews.

Development reviews
in Duuoo's recommended tracks come with a different set of Talking Points focusing on long term development together with looking back at personal and business goals and setting new goals for the future. 

You can find a step-by-step guide for changing meeting tracks here.

If none of these tracks work for your team, create your own.

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