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Choosing a meeting track for your team
Choosing a meeting track for your team

How to choose a meeting track in Duuoo?

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Meeting tracks in Duuoo allow you to choose a specific track of meetings containing multiple types of meetings based on your teams needs.

The following example is based on Duuoo' recommended tracks. However, depending on how Duuoo has been set up in your organization, you'll be able to choose between meeting tracks that have been made available to you.

Change meeting track

  • To change meeting track, go to your Team page and click on Team Settings button, in the list click on Change meeting track

  • Choose the type of the team and meeting track that best fits your team's needs by clicking on the track.

  • Click on Select track to continue

Note: We'll ask your confirmation if you're changing between different tracks as any different 1-on-1s from the old track will be deleted, even when a team member has already added their preparation notes.

  • Click on the calendar icon to choose the start date for each meeting type (we'll set the time for each individual meeting on that date automatically)

  • Or click on I want to edit specific dates button to choose start time and date for each individual meeting

  • Once you're happy with the chosen dates click on Save & Finish to set your new meeting track live

The view of different meeting cards

When you now go on your employees profile by clicking on their icon on the Team page you'll see a separate meeting card for each different type of meeting. You'll be able to schedule and edit the agenda for each meeting type separately by clicking on the respective meeting card.

In this example there are two different meetings in the track resulting in two different meeting cards (could be for you that you only have one card or 3 and more, depending on your track)

Scheduling with multiple meeting types in your meeting track

If you have more than one type of meetings in your chosen meeting track, you'll be always shown the other upcoming 1-on-1s in the next 1-on-1 scheduling step:

Example: That way you can makes sure to schedule the next Coaching 1-on-1  to happen after four weeks, since there's a Development review already scheduled in two weeks.

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