When setting up a team in Duuoo, you'll have to choose a meeting track: this is a combination of different type of meetings you want to have with your team throughout the year. An example: 

Duuoo's Coaching Track consists of two meeting types:

  • Monthly Coaching 1-on-1s 

  • Quarterly Development Talks

But of course, every organization is different. That's why in Duuoo you have the option to put together your own meeting track and even customize your own meeting types.

Note: Meeting tracks you define as an admin, will be available for the entire organization.

Where to find the settings

As an admin, you can access the Meeting Tracks tab by going to:
Settings > Organization settings > Meeting tracks.

Custom Meeting Types

You can create a new meeting type, by copying and editing one of Duuoo's existing types. Meeting types are a combination of:

  • Meeting title (e.g. "Coaching 1-on-1")

  • Default frequency (e.g. "Monthly")

  • Default duration (e.g. "30 minutes")

  • A set of Talking Points

Meeting title
Choose a descriptive title. We recommend not including the frequency in the title, because that is something that can be adjusted per team. So instead of "Monthly Coaching 1-on-1", simple choose "Coaching 1-on-1".

Default frequency
Here you'll choose the frequency as it will be when a team manager chooses not to adjust anything. There are six frequency options: "Weekly", "Biweekly", "Monthly", "Quarterly", "Semi-annually" and "Annually".

Default duration
This is the amount of time Duuoo will plan in the participant's calendars. Managers can override this setting for their team only.

A set of Talking Points
Talking Points are often posed as a question, making it easy for the employee to prepare for the meeting. You can choose to add two type of Talking Points:

  • Custom Talking Points

  • Smart Talking Points

Custom Talking Points are recurring: they'll be part of the meeting agenda every single time.
Smart Talking Points are drawn from Duuoo's Conversation Engine and will be different every time. If you choose to add multiple Smart Talking Points, there'll be multiple "surprise topics" on the agenda for every meeting.

Custom Tracks

As soon as you have all the meeting types that you want to use defined, you can combine them in a track. Simply copy and edit one of the existing tracks. Tracks are a combination of:

  • Name

  • Description

  • Meeting types

This will be how everyone in your organization will see the tracks. Make it as specific as you can, to help managers choose the right track, e.g.: "Engineering Track".

To further help managers choose the right track for their team, you can add your own description for the track. This does not have to include which meeting types are part of it: that will be shown automatically. This is how it will look when managers choose a track:

Meeting types
This is where you choose the meeting types that should be part of your custom track. Need a meeting type that is not in the list? Then go back and create the meeting type first.

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