Custom Talking Points give you a way to curate your own question bank, organized by theme. You can use them for specific agendas such as 'return to work' meetings, or more broad topics like 'our company's mission' for example.

NB! You can only add Custom Talking Points if you're an admin of your organization's Duuoo account. Read how to see and change admins.

To start adding your Custom Talking Points in Duuoo:

  • Click on 'Settings' in the upper right corner

  • Select 'Organization settings' in the drop down menu, this will bring you to your organizations admin portal

  • Navigate to the tab labeled ' Custom Talking Points'

  • Click on the 'Create new theme' button

  • A window will open from the right with a text box for you to enter the title of your new theme. Once you're happy with the title, hit 'Continue'.

The Theme will then be created.

  • Next, you'll need to add you first Custom Talking Point to your theme, to complete the process. This functions the same way as adding a talking point to a meeting agenda.

  • Once you've reviewed your talking point and checked the 'Got it, my Talking Point will be good!' box, you can click 'Save talking point'

Your custom talking points can now be added to the meeting agenda by all your organization's managers.

You can continue to add as many talking points as you like to your new theme, or create a whole new theme and add talking points to that.

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